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Hello everyone!
The 5th Element is a new guild on the AoL Teos server. It is a guild that takes part in "token raids," GRB, and PvP. We aim to revive PvP in all areas, such as: 1-15, 20-30, Goddess, and 70 PvP. We are fast-growing with many wonderful people from all parts of the world!

"Wind blows, fire burns, rain falls..." It cuts off there. What in the world does the earth element do? Perhaps even the screenwriters were stumped. Anyways, We are the fifth element =)

These are our leaders!
Guild leader:


Guild Portal Message: For more information, check our Frequently Asked Questions, Videos and the Admin Community, where other guild leaders using GuildPortal hang out.  If you need help, we're only a support ticket away!

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Goddess PvP

-Renee-, Nov 5, 11 6:40 PM.
Be sure to check out Goddess or any other PvP after GRB on Saurdays! It seems many PvPers are on at that time :D

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

-Renee-, Oct 29, 11 8:07 PM.
Great job in GRB today, everyone! Gratz on rank 20! We just need to kill bosses a little faster =D
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We are recruiting all classes for HM and UM. We are a guild for PvP and token farming, so you must fit the lvl requirements of your PvP area, such as 20-30 for Canta and 60 for Goddess.
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